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Our Impact at a Glance

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Dignified employment is a key ingredient for economic development and poverty alleviation in developing countries around the world. Over the past 5 years, Imani Collective’s innovative model for providing women, men and their families with consistent wages, skills training, community and access to education has proven highly successful at improving artisan livelihoods and well-being.

Artisan Income

Consistent, Fair + Transparent Pay


Approximately 46% of Kenyans live below the international poverty line of $1.90 per day, as defined by the World Bank.


Imani Collective pays more than 2.6 times more than minimum wage along with unmatched benefits.


Of our artisans reported that they are satisfied with their income this year. We provide our artisans with fair, steady wages that honor the time and skill that go into making each and every product by hand, with heart.


Of our artisans reported that they have a secure way to provide for their family. We recognize that in order to empower women, we must also empower their families. Our artisans’ access to a consistent source of income, as well as child education tuition sponsorships, emergency medical funding, in-house child enrichment program and financial literacy training, have enabled our women to invest in their skills and provide opportunities for their children to advance.

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We are continually inspired by the beauty of traditional African artisanship and look forward to elevating our artisans’ craft and showcasing Imani’s unique aesthetic each and every year. We have developed a diverse yet cohesive product line that not only spans five years of artisan craft and modern design, but also holds increasingly competitive value in the marketplace!

It Starts Local

We strive to be ethically-responsible and environmentally-friendly when sourcing our local, raw + organic materials. By sourcing from local markets + vendors we are investing in the local economy which is essential to overall economic development in the area.

We support the integrity of ethically sourced, artisan made goods and create opportunities for men and women to make them.

Raw Materials

Wool, organic dye, cotton, leather, felt, stuffing, clay.

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