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Our leadership spans globally across the US and Kenya.


Jenny Nuccio Headshot
Jenny Nuccio
Founder + CEO
Hailey Bickham Headshot
Hailey Bickham
COO + Head Designer
Femida Otieno Headshot
Femida Otieno
Head of Holistic Program
David Mwangi Mwenda Headshot
David Mwangi Mwenda
Head of Finance and Administration
Kevin Mbogho Headshot
Kevin Mbogho
Head of Operations + Sustainability
Annette Wilson Headshot
Annette Wilson
Director of Marketing + Events
Belinda Agallo Headshot
Belinda Agallo
Program Director of Tumaini Initiative
Paloma Diaz Headshot
Paloma Diaz
Junior Designer
Ellie Williams Headshot
Ellie Williams
Fulfillment Associate
Lacy Vollmuth Headshot
Lacy Vollmuth
Partnerships + Community Engagement Assistant
Rahab Mumbi Headshot
Rahab Mumbi
Events and Markets Coordinator - Kenya
Caroline Wacera Headshot
Caroline Wacera
Head of Supplies
Valentine Mbaabu Headshot
Valentine Mbaabu
Head of Communications & PR
Dennis Onyancha Headshot
Dennis Onyancha
Kenya Content Creator
Ramadhan Munga Headshot
Ramadhan Munga
Production Assitant + Head of Screen Printing
Rachel Akoth Headshot
Rachel Akoth
Production Assistant - Old Town
Fridah Akumu Headshot
Fridah Akumu
Production Assistant - Mtepeni
Brian Munyoki Headshot
Brian Munyoki
Turkana Director
Belinda Napuu Headshot
Belinda Napuu
Production Assistant - Turkana
Fredrick Odhiambo Headshot
Fredrick Odhiambo
Finance Assistant
Mwanamzungu Ramadhan Headshot
Mwanamzungu Ramadhan
Quality Control - Old Town
Cuty Akiniyi Headshot
Cuty Akiniyi
Quality Control - Old Town
Zawadi Nyazi Headshot
Zawadi Nyazi
Quality Control - Mtepeni
Mbodze Tsuma Headshot
Mbodze Tsuma
Quality Control - Mtepeni

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