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Feature Friday | The Imani Collective Artisans

F E A T U R E   F R I D A Y

It is the last Friday of 2018 and we wanted to change it up a bit. Our feature Friday is all about the team behind the brand. Our Imani Collective team is currently comprised of 61 artisans and staff in Mombasa, Kenya and Dallas, TX. 

We daily strive to bring the best out of our team by caring for the whole person.

We’re committed to helping improve our artisans’ economic, spiritual, physical, emotional and social well-being by taking a holistic approach to empowerment. Our holistic approach to empowerment focuses on the whole person and ultimately benefits the the spouses, children and community of our artisans. We know that rising above poverty takes more than a job, it takes dignified employment, personal growth, dream management, a community of support, healthy bodies + minds, and access to education.

Empowering the whole person allows for our artisans to not merely survive, but thrive in the life they live.

“I have a new hope that is strong. My prayer for Imani Collective is for us to keep growing and expanding so to be able to help other women who have gone through extreme hard situations in life – giving them hope and a chance to help out their families too.” -Saumu, Mtepeni

Quick Glimpse of our 2018 Impact:

61 artisans + staff
48 child tuition sponsorships
12 children in our in house childcare
200+ lives impacted
260+ hours of training
416+ hours of education

Note: We will be sending out our 2018 Impact Report in January. If you would like to receive this, please contact us directly + we will make sure to get you one in the mail! Thank you for your continued love + support.

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