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Feature Friday | Nicole Devereaux

F E A T U R E   F R I D A Y


If you've been following along on our social media platforms this week, you've already been introduced to the incredible Nicole Devereaux. Nicole is hosting a "40 for 40 Campaign," during which she plans to raise $40,000 for a handful of nonprofit organizations before she turns 40. Imani Collective feels honored to be one of them! (Click HERE for link to donation website.) We wanted to give you a chance to get to know her a bit better.

Nicole Devereaux is a Conversational Intelligence Coach® based in Minneapolis, MN. She helps leaders and teams have successful conversations so that they can expand their impact. When she's not dancing in the kitchen with her two daughters or hosting dinner parties, Nicole is usually reading a good book, taking a walk with a friend, or looking for her next adventure.

Tell us more about what you do and how you empower the community of women around you.

I help people face their deepest fears so that they can create their biggest dreams. At the heart of what I do and how I empower women is listening deeply, asking the most important questions, and making space for those seemingly invisible answers to come to light. I'm the kind of person who sees potential in everyone and can't not find a way to draw it out of you! I also teach women how to use their voices better - with confidence and clarity. I'm particularly passionate, in the United States, about supporting women of color and marginalized populations (like refugees + immigrants). 

Tell us more about your space/aesthetic?

I'm currently living with my in-laws, so nothing in the space feels like mine or like "me", though I do have a small corner in a spare bedroom where I 'office'. My space in there has a cushioned window seat and lots of sunlight, which I am grateful for. Even when it's up to me, I don't need much in a space: SUN, PLANTS, + FOOD are my happy requirements. 

What is your favorite room in your home?

My in-laws designed their four-season porch (a blessing in freezing Minnesota!) as a cozy sitting room. A comfortable recliner chair sits next to a huge picture window looking out on the nature preserve. I love to sit there at sunrise to read my Bible, pray, and just be silent in the beauty. In my previous space, it was our bright kitchen, where I could sit in the sunlight at my custom-designed olive wood table and serve food to lots of friends. In our next space, I'm hoping for a fireplace! (did I mention how COLD Minnesota is?!?)

Who or what inspires you?

I genuinely feel like everywhere I turn, I find someone inspiring! Minneapolis is an incredible diverse city, so I find inspiration in the immigrants who have made this place their home and now run businesses or hold positions of influence here. I'm inspired by the single moms I know who work tirelessly to provide for their children. I think it's easy to be inspired by people with big organizations or name-recognition (who are doing necessary work!), but it's important to me to find people in my own community who are inspiring. 
With that in mind, I am inspired by people who overcome their fears and the obstacles that fight against them because we can all relate to that struggle in some way. I'm inspired by people who give generously, when they don't have to, because they are moving toward love. I'm inspired by people who have changed their minds and had the courage to admit it. 

What are you most proud of in the work that you do?

I'm most proud of persevering. I've never had a job that I was qualified for, and my current business is no exception. I just kind of jump in, believing that I can do it. But I have to keep believing in myself and in the importance of my work in order to keep going when the money isn't coming in or I'm not making the connections that I want. 
From a more positive perspective, I am proud of the women I serve. From the beginning of my business, I have only worked with clients who inspire me, and I'm glad I've stuck to that. It makes it that much easier to show up powerfully for them because I believe so fully in who they are!

One last thing to live by,

"I do not fear failure so much as I fear succeeding at the wrong things"  - Edwin Lutzer

This is a constant reminder to keep failing at the things that matter rather than play it safe with the things that are not. I've repeated this to myself often in my marriage, my parenting, my friendships, and my business! 

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