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Feature Friday | Jackie Ford

F E A T U R E   F R I D A Y




Tell us more about you! 

Originally from New Jersey, went to school in Boston (Go Terriers!), and lived in Manhattan for a while. We moved back to the suburbs of NJ when I gave birth to our little guy, Thomas. We recently returned to the city to live in Brooklyn because we love NYC that much. I’m a full-time mama, part-time occupational therapist and I love capturing photos of our family’s everyday life in Brooklyn.
What is something weird/quirky about you?
I can’t stand mushrooms, to the point where if I smell them, I will feel nauseous.
What is your favorite food? 
Ramen! Thankful for a really good ramen spot just around the corner!
What is something you have overcome as a woman in this world? 
I’ve overcome the challenge of nursing my little one. It is the most satisfying thing to be able to provide your baby with everything he or she needs, but in our first few months together, my nursing journey with my baby was a complete uphill battle. It was such a challenge for me and it felt overwhelming. It led me to constantly worry whether or not he was gaining enough weight. It made me feel guilty, disappointed, frustrated and upset. Some of my sweet friends and family sent me nursing care packages and lovingly encouraged me to continue. With their encouragement and support, I was able press on to nurse my baby for much, much, much longer than I anticipated.

What are you most proud of in the work that you do?

I am so incredibly proud to be an occupational therapist because I have the privilege of empowering others by providing them with the tools, adaptations or education they need to succeed in their everyday tasks or tasks that are meaningful to them. More recently, I also feel very fortunate to have more time at home with my son to able to witness his growth in areas of play and communication, as well as to provide him with the tools he needs to become more independent.



What drew you to become a Brand Ambassador for Imani Collective?

Upon reading Imani Collective’s mission, I knew that this was something truly special that I wanted to be part of. Female empowerment and sustainability are two matters that I stand for and value. To be able to be a brand ambassador for a company that share these values is a represent a brand that stands for these things, is such an honor.


Follow Jackie on Instagram at @jackiefranford

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