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Feature Friday | Evaline Mbaru

F E A T U R E   F R I D A Y

Let's talk about this beautiful lady today! Evaline is one of our four Childcare Directors at Imani Collective. It is because of her that our children have loving care while their mamas are working hard.

We absolutely love our kiddos and always want the best for them and their future. At Imani Collective we make sure we have highly trained teachers who foster a culture of creativity, inclusion and fun for our children.

Evaline went graduated from college with an early childhood development degree. Once she graduated, she joined the Imani Collective team in 2017 as a childcare assistant to our Mtepeni village location. She daily loves on our babies and we are forever grateful for her!


In Evaline's words,

"it is a blessing to be a part of an organization that genuinely cares and is concerned about their employees"

Trust us, Evaline. It is a blessing to have an employee who genuinely 
cares for the well being of the next generation. Thank you for
instilling love into our kids and cultivating a generation of


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