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Feature Friday | Betsy Wiersma

F E A T U R E   F R I D A Y

This week we want top introduce you to Betsy Wiersma. 
She loves to educate, inspire and connect women from all over the world.

We are extremely blessed to call Betsy friend and have her a part of our Imani Collective family.

Betsy Wiersma is a serial entrepreneur, author, global professional and founder of the CampExperience Network, 5000+ women she has gathered for good.

In her 20 years in Denver, she has started and led numerous creative charity support projects. Her efforts have raised over 1 million for charitable causes in Colorado and around the globe. Her efforts and her dedication to helping women, has earned her the prestigious 2018 Mile High United Way, Frances Wisebart Jacobs Award for her philanthropy.

Betsy is a world changer and we are inspired by her daily.

Our Founder, Jenny, will be the keynote speaker of Camp Experience this weekend and we are thankful for the opportunity to share our story.

We are honored by the network of women we get to be among and we thank you Betsy, from the bottom of our hearts, for creating a dynamic opportunity for women to connect with one another from all over the world.

Want to connect with this beautiful sister of ours?
All you need to know here -----> Betsy Wiersma

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