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Feature Friday | Azia Jenkins

F E A T U R E   F R I D A Y


Meet Azia, one of our fabulous Brand Ambassadors. This #girlmom is nothing short of FIERCE and we can't wait for you to get to know her. 

Tell us more about you! 

My name is Azia, I’m 26 years old and a mother of two beautiful girls 5, and 6 months old. I currently reside in Seattle, Washington where I work in social work as a Foster Child advocate. My little family and I love spending time together going on adventures and making memories. I myself love shopping, meditating, reading and capturing moments through photography on my personal blog. I’m a fierce advocate for women’s rights, equality, as well as a warrior for diversity and inclusivity.

What is something weird/quirky about you?

Weird or quirky? That’s my entire personality! But honestly, a lot of my friends and family find it weird how often I rearrange my furniture around my house! I get bored VERY easily so every couple months or so my hubby or my kids walk into our home and think they came into the wrong house. I love a new feeling of peace and comfort it brings though.

What is your favorite food? 

This one is tough. But it’s a hard three way tie between Thai food, Korean food, and good ole fashion southern comfort food! You can thank my heritage for that! My mother is from Thailand, and my father is African American creole out of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Are you a dog person or a cat person? 

Dogs! Specifically huskie pups! My favorite breed! They are such beautiful dogs I can never help myself!!!


What is something you've overcome as a woman in this world? 

I am 1 in 4. Losing a child is something that I feel like you never get over or overcome, but it’s something that contributes to your story. I never thought that it would ever happen to me. As a woman I had a lot of strength to regain, and a lot of faith to embrace. I’ve never felt more in touch to my role as a woman in this world until after that chapter, it humbled me and helped me evolve into a fighter I didn’t know I could be.
What are you most proud of in the work that you do? How do you empower those around you?  
I work with children, and with those children I come across a lot of different mothers. I always do my best to be a reliable resource to them both and be the one positive and optimistic retreat that they have. My job is trying at times, it has its days. But the days where I can bring a smile to someone or be the bearer of good news will always make it worth it.

What drew you to become a Brand Ambassador for Imani Collective?

Imani stood out to me due to the fact that it is powered by WOMEN. In this day and age women are constantly in a battle for themselves, and to see women working together to give back and be a brand about empowerment is amazing. Imani will always have my support. The beautiful products that is part of their collection is of course a plus.


Follow Azia on Instagram @lifeinapinkhouse

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