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Feature Friday | Alex Moore

F E A T U R E   F R I D A Y


Meet Alex, one of our amazing Brand Ambassadors AND an incredible photographer! We love her heart + bubbly personality and can't wait for you to meet her.

Tell us more about you! 

I'm a Dallas-Fort Worth gal, born and raised! I work full time for a hospital in Fort Worth, am owner + photographer of Restoring Moore Photography and absolutely love home design + decor. My husband, Ryan, and I have been married three years and we've got a pup named Tuck! When I'm not working at the hospital or photographing weddings, I'm typically picking out paint colors and tile options for our fixer uppers!

What is something weird/quirky about you?

I loveee my food a little burnt ha-ha! I always order my Chick-Fil-A nuggets "well done" (best thing ever), my husband leaves my cookies in the oven about 3 minutes longer than his so they're nice and crisp, and I think Cheez-Its Extra Toasty are the best snack ever invented.

What is your favorite food? 

Chicken tenders chicken tenders chicken tenders

Are you a dog person or a cat person? 

DOG 100%


What is something you've overcome as a woman in this world? 

Finding and declaring (even when I didn't feel like it) my strength, hope and confidence in Christ after losing my sweet momma four years ago. I'm sooo quick to put on a happy face, so pushing past the shallow "I'm fine" and being vulnerable about the aches and pains and sins in my life revolving around the loss of my mom has been something I've constantly been working to overcome. It's truly been one of the most refining seasons of my life. I'm constantly reminded of how much power there is in sharing my story - it's allowed me to connect with other women in such unique ways, and has brought so much healing for my own heart.
What are you most proud of in the work that you do? How do you empower those around you?  
I always get SO excited when my RMP brides (or grooms) express how beautiful (or handsome) they feel in their photos. My prayer and goal with every couple is to be more than just their photographer - I want to connect with them, KNOW them, love them and serve them well in this season! Having a camera in your face is intimidating, so I'm always proud when I'm able to connect with my couples in a way that allows them to relax, be silly and be THEMSELVES during their session. I want their love for one another, their heart and their personalities to radiate through the images in a way that makes them feel the MOST beautiful (or handsome) regardless if their hair is flying every which way in the wind or if they've got a nose crinkle from giggling so hard.

What drew you to become a Brand Ambassador for Imani Collective?

I LOVE Imani Collective! I had the honor of capturing some headshots of the team earlier this summer and had the sweetest time getting to know more about them, how they met, how Imani Collective started and seeing what it has become. The work they are doing and the impact they are making is something that excites me tremendously! I’m so encouraged by their heart + mission for serving and empowering women across the globe + I’m just a teeeeeny-tiny bit obsessed with their home decor products! I think it's so neat that they've gone above and beyond just providing employment for these artisans, but also provide them with community, meals, mentorship and most importantly, they allow these artisans to know and be reminded of their WORTH. It gets me so excited and is something I'm honored to be even a little bit a part of!


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