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Artisan Monthly Highlight | Rachel Akoth

A R T I S A N   M O N T H L Y   H I G H L I G H T 


What do you do at Imani Collective? 

I am mainly in the quality control department but I also help out with the cutting and doing the final sewing of our products by hand.

What drew you to work for this company?

I loved the fact that it is all about making hand made products since I personally love making stuff but also what drew me to Imani Collective is that they nurture you to develop skills and care for the community. 


What is something you’ve done/you’re doing that makes your proud? 

I was a shy and timid person when I started working at Imani Collective 2 years ago, but now as I look back, I am so proud of the fact that now I am able to confidently express myself and communicate with everyone whether it's at work, or with family and friends.

What is your favorite food? 
Fried Fish (Specifically Tilapia) and Ugali
Describe your ideal day:
My ideal day would be waking up early, clean up and do house chores as I prepare for work - get to the workshop, have tea with my colleagues, spend the day working then leave work for college where I get to hang out with Friends after school then head home

One last thing to live by,

Pray hard...Work hard...Play hard


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