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Artisan Highlight | Risper Mwahunga


What do you do at Imani Collective? 

I am an artisan. I am in the finishing department, I help in measuring, stuffing and stitching.


What drew you to work for this company?

The peace and unity that is found in Imani Collective. I also am able to work as my son is taken care of by qualified teachers at the childcare department.


What is something you’ve done/you’re doing that makes your proud? 

I bought a piece of land and am able to cater my kids school fees.


What is your favorite food? 

Grilled Chicken with ugali and vegetables.



Describe your ideal day:

My ideal day would be the day I pamper myself by taking myself to the salon and later on visit my relatives.


One last thing to live by,

My dreams will come true only if I continue to have the courage to pursue them.

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