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Artisan Highlight | Mwanamzungu Ramadhan


What do you do at Imani Collective? 

 I work in the quality control department and I am also an artisan. 

What drew you to work for this company?

When I noticed that the artisans work together as a group in unity, peacefully and without quarreling.

What is something you’ve done/you’re doing that makes your proud? 

Working for Imani Collective has helped me provide for my parents. I'm able to support them financially and that makes me proud.   

What is your favorite food? 
Chicken Pilau and/or Roasted Chicken with fries
Describe your ideal day:
My ideal day would be coming to work on a week day, having lots of work to do because a day without work is boring at the same time..  An ideal day over the weekend would be to to spend quality time with my parents and siblings since I live far from them during the week days. 

One last thing to live by,

one must work hard to achieve their goals... 

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