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3 Ways to Teach Your Little Ones about Earth Day

Today, April 22nd, is EARTH DAY and at Imani Collective, we know that caring for our women holistically also means caring about the world they live in, and we try to keep our environment in mind with all that we do. 

    In fact, one of our goals this year is to decrease our carbon footprint by reducing and reusing supply waste for all the products we make, which aligns with this year’s Earth Day theme of climate action. (If you want to read more about our commitment to environmental sustainability in our workshops in Kenya, click here!)

    We also believe that another important way to protect Mother Earth for generations to come is to teach our future world-changers to do the same! So, we put together a few fun, easy activities to help your little ones get excited about our world and practice keeping it healthy. 

    We also know that the current times mean you aren’t able to get out and about like before, so the best part about these activities is that they can be done right from home with what you have!


    Get excited about the magic of the great outdoors with this outdoor scavenger hunt that you can complete right in your own backyard! Simply download, print and start exploring the space you have in search of the items on the list. We’ve even left a little space for you to create an art activity where you can draw your findings.


    (Tip: Help the search by recycling a couple of left-over toilet paper rolls and tape them together to create special Earth Day binoculars!)

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    Spend an afternoon learning how to reduce waste by creating a homemade recycling center! All you have to do is find three bins. They can be shoe boxes, buckets -- whatever you have! Label each bin: one for “paper,” one for “plastic” and one for “cans.” (Tip: Make this step a fun project by decorating the bins with markers, stickers, construction paper or other craft supplies.) Then, grab a few spare recycling items you have lying around, and practice making sure each item goes in the right bin -- and not into the landfill!



    In addition to recycling, another way to reuse unwanted bottles, cereal boxes, magazines, cans and more is to grab the glue, scissors and markers, and let the kiddos make whatever creations they can imagine! They’ll be proud that, instead of becoming trash, these spare items have now become something beautiful.


    We hope you each have a fantastic day celebrating Mother Earth and teaching your kiddos to honor + protect the world we live in. Happy Earth Day! 

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    Written by Carly Oosten 

    Published April 22, 2020

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